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Tonya Henderson

Puckered Up Self Portrait

Puckered Up Self Portrait

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The painting is a portrait of myself created for the Let's Zoom Exhibition. I'm frozen in time and gazing directly at you as if you were on the other side of the screen. The color scheme of the portrait features warm tones, with a gradient of pink to red in the background, and various shades of beige, peach, and cream for the skin. The glasses have black rims, contrasting with the lighter colors of my complexion and hair.

I've used brush strokes that add texture to the painting, and the facial features depicted with soft edges, giving a slightly abstract or impressionistic feel to the image. I'm wearing a top with hints of pattern and color, which include orange, beige, and a touch of grey with polka dots. The artwork exudes a serene and contemplative mood.


• 12x12" Original painting 
• Acrylic on canvas 
• Unmatted and Unframed
• Presented in a clear protective sleeve

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