A picture is worth a thousand words...

I believe art helps give voice to our thoughts and feelings. It gives us a way to enrich our spaces with expressions of who we are, how we want to be seen, and what we value in life.

I strive to create art to do just that with the greater intention of nudging you in some small way toward loving deeper, living larger, and reaching for your highest expression.

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Enlightenment Through Creativity

A profile of a woman on the right holding a cell phone. A woman on the right smiling and holding a painting while sitting in front of an easel with a table next to her full of paint.

Art readings

My greatest joy is to create art that is enlightening and meaningful. I love becoming a partner with you on your journey of self-discovery and leaving you with hope and encouragement while seeing yourself more clearly.

During an art reading, I'll paint the visions I see and offer you the messages received.

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Table covered in artworks with sea creatures painted in orange, red, with a dark blue background.

Class and workshops

No matter your age, no one wants to feel criticized about their abilities. ​I take great care to ensure each student has a sense of accomplishment and leaves experiencing improvement, whether a 10-year-old painter or a 50-something artrepreneur. 

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A group of woman standing in a row at the top of a rocky mountain in summertime clothing.

Art business coaching

I take my position as a coach seriously while making sure we are having fun along the way. I love helping others get a clear vision for their life and career while guiding them toward manifesting their dreams. What I love most about serving others is helping them maintain a flow and taking inspired action.

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"Tonya is an amazing mentor. She meets you where you are. She is committed to your success and offers her wisdom to get you where you want to go." -- Chevon M.

Empowering Your Inner Angel

A philosophy I share and try to live by...

A painting of a womans figure with dark short hair. She has blue and green lines running through here and wings in the background.

Be an "Angel"

  • Acceptance – Accept ourselves and each other exactly as we are.
  • Neutrality – Hold the awareness that what is not right for us may be exactly what another needs, and do so without judgment.
  • Gratitude – Focus on things we are grateful for and appreciate all of life.
  • Energetic – Bring happiness to whatever we do, spreading good energy wherever we go.
  • Loving – Having the capacity to love the world just as it is, while holding a desire for a better tomorrow.

Hello, I'm Tonya

I have loved creating in all its forms since childhood. My first work experience was illustrations for a coloring book, commissioned for the local Chamber of Commerce when I was seventeen.

I have a love for nature in general but birds more specifically. I see them as special agents of the divine and only recently realized how much of my work includes them.

I'm a spiritual seeker, always looking for meaning and deeper truth. You'll see this throughout my work as well.

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Education and experience

I have a degree in Visual Communications and have worked in television, advertising, and marketing as a designer, editor, and illustrator.

I've been teaching drawing and painting for nearly 25 years and currently work with the sixth-largest museum art school in the county teaching acrylic painting & art marketing.

I've exhibited my work nationally and have owned Creative Spirit Studios for two decades, focusing on teaching, creating artwork, and spiritual growth in myself and teaching others.

A woman sitting in an armchair in an artist studio. Paintings cover the walls and one on an easel behind her.

Growth and abundance

It didn't happen overnight, in fact, it took years of dedication and faith, but here I am in my current studio space, where I create & teach art.

Although I'm not sure you can teach enlightenment, I strive to share all I've learned about spirituality and metaphysics to encourage growth in others.

I also find it to be, a great honor to work with other artists as they develop their artistic skills and knowledge of growing a profitable art business.

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Experience yourself through art-making

You don't have to be an artist to experience your creative nature through art making. Creating art can be therapeutic, relaxing, engaging your spirit, or exploring self-discovery. Bring out your inner child and higher wisdom with a class, workshop, or artist subscription.

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Artwork with whimsy and symbolism, or readings with insights and meaning. Coaching for artists or expanded awareness of your creative nature. I'm here to engage and uplift your spirit.

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Here is what others have said about Creative Spirit Studios

  • A photo of a young lady dresses in royal blue. She is on a deck of aged wood, has long brown hair, and is smiling.

    Received this darling little painting quickly and very well-wrapped. It's a gift for a friend and it's perfect. Thank you! --Justy


    Adorable bird print. Love it! Great seller to work with. Fast shipping too.--Jabcope


    Love this painting!! --Tracy


    The order came quickly and in good condition. I just love her! She will make a great addition to my wall of women. --Amy

  • I've experienced Tonya's energy portrait and found her readings to be very accurate, she's the real deal with her healing and intuitive gifts. This spirit guide drawing was spot on and the message was fitting, it resonated. What's funny, I had recently did a meditation to contact my spirit animal and I blew it off b/c "I don't like birds" but sure enough....the crow showed up again and there's no way Tonya could've known that, so I know it's a real message. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. --Vanessa

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tonya the artist and the entrepreneur, and both experiences were fantastic. She takes a compassionate, thoughtful approach to all of her work and is able to help her clients understand what drives them and what hinders them better than anyone I’ve ever seen, which allows for genuine transformation to take place. If you get the opportunity to work with her, by all means do it! -- Amanda

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