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Tonya Henderson



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An abstract landscape painting featuring a dynamic arrangement of organic shapes and forms in a rich and varied palette. The composition is dominated by a multitude of circles and elongated tube-like forms that intertwine and overlap, creating a sense of depth and movement. The shapes are meant to evoke the imagery of pebbles, plants, and cellular structures, infusing the painting with a lively, naturalistic feel.

The top portion of the painting has a cooler color scheme with greens and blues, implying the water's edge and plant growth. As the canvas descends, the colors warm with the introduction of earthy oranges and browns, transitioning you into watery elements. Black circles with vivid outlines are focal points, providing contrast and drawing the eye. The painting's textured background comprises stacked layers and playful patterns, offering a sense of organized chaos that adds to the overall dynamism and complexity of the piece.

Laxity is meant to soothe and calm your energy bringing you into a state of peaceful tranquility. It is an original 24x30 inch acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas.


• 24x30" Original painting 
• Acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas
• Unframed
• Features: metallic paint

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