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Tonya Henderson

Happy Homaya

Happy Homaya

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A painting of a smiling woman with a radiant expression exuding a sense of joy and contentment. The hair and the background merge in a swirl of colors, including purples, blues, yellows, and hints of red, creating a dynamic and somewhat abstract backdrop. Her hair, infused with the color of the background, gives an impression of movement as if caught in a gentle breeze.

Her attire consists of a top with subtle colors that blend with the overall painting suggesting a harmonious connection with her surroundings. Draped over her is an array of flowers and foliage—vivid yellows, blues, and greens—adding to the impression of a lush and fertile setting.

The brushwork is expressive and loose, contributing to the overall feeling of liveliness and spontaneity in the painting. The bright red of her lips draws your attention to her smile, enhancing the positive atmosphere of the composition.

Happy Homaya is and acrylic painting on gallery-wrapped canvas. 20x20 inches.

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