Projecting Into Your Future

Projecting Into Your Future

This is a story of how we are always manifesting something. I'm hoping it will help you understand how powerful your thoughts and words can be. Consciously or unconsciously, we are creators of our realities. The awareness you have around the way you think, and your habitual thinking, will determine your success with creating what you desire rather than what you do not.

I recently heard a story about a comment that Michael Bernard Beckwith made to a woman who was asking him for a scholarship to one of his programs that resonated so deeply with me I simply had to share it with you.

If you are unaware of Michael, he is a nationally known spiritual thought leader with a powerful message. A minister, author, and founder of the Agape Center in California, a New Thought church with live broadcasts.

It was  mid-January and she approached him with a single passionate desire to attend his upcoming workshop. She started by stating that she had been wanting to attend his workshop for several years and simply had not been able to afford it.

She asked him if he would please gift her a scholarship so that she might attend in April. His reply was priceless. He simply inquired “So, you are projecting your poverty into four months from now?"
WOW. Just wow!
Be very careful with your words, they are powerfully creative!

It made me begin to consider what else we are unwittingly projecting into our futures.

A few days later I wished a friend an early happy birthday and her reply was, “Thank you, I’m going to be sick.”

I am presuming that this meant she was already sick and figured she would not be better two days into the future. How would you know if you were still going to be sick in two days? Unless you went around telling everyone that you were and then of course you will be. Again, I am struck by the power of Michael's statement. Be careful with your words, they are very powerfully creative!

I have understood the power of our thoughts for some time now and still, this message hit me with such intensity. It was as if it hit a cord that had been silently hiding around the bend.

Living in the present moment and realizing I have everything I need, (in fact, I have more than I need) is not only a practice but something I teach my students. This statement, however, takes this message a bit deeper, or maybe just wider.

For me, it is catching the nuances of projection in a broader way. We are so accustomed to hearing statements like the two examples above, that they typically go unnoticed during a conversation. Not anymore! Students beware – LOL

I encourage you to pay attention to what you might be projecting into your future. Staying more focused on your present may be a way for you to turn your ship around, and begin to put more attention on what you would prefer to think, be, do, and have, therefore doing your best to project these things into your tomorrow.

Happy manifesting!

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