Painting From a Space of "Inspired Action"

Painting From a Space of "Inspired Action"

Painting as a form of "Inspired Action." - - Painting is a from of "Inspired Action."

First, let me explain "Inspired Action" as you may not have heard me speak on it in the past. Many of us act from a space of human "doings" rather than a space of human "beings". Rushing through our days trying to "get 'er done."

We have our lists and deadlines and rarely set aside time to relax and meditate. We never take time out of our busy schedules to become present. There's no room for "Inspired Action" if we run our lives like this. Most of us are plagued with overwhelm and exhaustion because of it.

I have found that everything takes less time if you move from a space "Inspired Action." Sometimes disregarding the list and ignoring deadlines can help you accomplish more and you find that things from your list disappear because they are no longer relevant.

The best time to find inspiration is upon waking for the day. The second best time is when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Your productivity wanes when you are struggling. Struggling is a hard stop on whatever you are doing and a perfect time to find inspiration.

It's a simple process. Stop what you are doing, sit comfortably, close your eyes, and just breathe. Notice your breath, notice how the air feels moving in and out of your lungs and nose. If you get distracted by a thought, notice it, and then put your attention back on your breath.

It's that simple. Here is the interesting part... as you notice the thoughts... you want to pay attention to those that feel inspiring to you.

When you have an inspiring thought it's good practice to take action on your inspiration. When you do, you will often find that while taking action on the first bit of inspiration you have another inspired thought. When you take action on this second source of inspiration you are, what I call, "following the breadcrumbs."

Where do these crumbs come from??? I believe the crumbs of inspriation come from the field of Divine Intelligence. This field is omnipresent, you must tap into it.

Tapping into it becomes easier when you paint. Divine intelligence is the source of all creativity. Getting into the flow is tapping into the field. Painting (writing, cooking, knitting, gardening) is a form of "Inspired Action." Painting comes from "Inspired Action."

Now, we've cleared that up!

Here is how this painting got started...

I needed a break from my "list" and had an inspired thought to go for a walk at a local park on my way home. Clearing my mind and focusing on being present, I had another "Inspired" thought to pick some wildflowers. 

Having another inspired thought I drove to the studio. I laid the flowers on my canvas and began painting them larger-than-life (another inspired thought). Here is the result of following the breadcrumbs. A close-up of a portion of a work in progress I'm anticipating to release soon...

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