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Artistic Growth

Learn at every stage of your artistic career with books, videos, workshops, and subscriptions. You can level up at your own pace, expand your hobby, or become a professional artist with Creative Spirit Studios.

I'm here to help you learn, boost your confidence, lift your spirit, and be your cheer squad.

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Subscriptions for Painting, Marketing, and Quick Tips.

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Helping you find enthusiasm & joy

You'll find tips on mindset, personal growth, being creative, painting, marketing, and more by becoming a Supportive Spirit when you follow me on Patreon. Plus, enjoy the copyright-free image library for subscribers.

Invoke Your Supportive Spirit
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Learn to paint or how to paint better

Whether you are a beginner painter who wants to know the basics of painting or a seasoned painter wanting to learn some new tricks, the Artsy Spirit level will be just right for you.

Engage Your Artsy Spirit
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Art Business Coaching

Join our community and gather weekly with like-minded creators. If you are looking for answers to questions relevant to your current painting & business challenges this is the level for you. The Passionate Spirit level also includes downloadable documents relevant to your art business. Plus you'll enjoy access to all benefits from all previous levels and learn as you grow.

Discover Your Passionate Spirit

Take your fun of learning and playing with color to the next level with a book or tutorial.

Video learning can speed your progress.

Consider accelerating your progress with quick short video lessons by joining me at the Artsy Spirit Level or above on Patreon. Find me on Patreon as Creative Spirit Studios by clicking below.